Wasteland Cosplay Blade Fallout 4 Kremvh's Tooth Sword Dagger Fall Out Krem Tooth Legendary Costume

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Thank you for checking out out Fallout 4 Kremvh's tooth replica! 

Just like all our Fallout props, you won't find this anywhere else! We 3D model our props to be correctly sized and proportioned to in game. All distressing is done by hand for a more authentic look and feel - no detail is left out! We airbrush and hand paint layers of colors to create the colors and rust effects to make our props as true to the game as possible! Since distressing is all done by hand, no daggers will be identical, resulting in a unique Fallout prop every time. This listing is for the exact one you see in the pictures.

This dagger is just short of 22" long. It is weighted for an appropriate feel. All the metallic paints, layers of grunge, and rust effects are permanent and will not fade or wear off. The dagger is shown from many angles, including close up detail shots. 

Own this one of a kind piece of the wasteland and proudly display it with your collection of Fallout props, or carry it with your sole survivor cosplay. Need something for your cosplay or collection that you don't see in our shop? Message us, we love custom work! Shipping combines on all items in our shop.