Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Rocket Bottle Pack NukaCola Cherry Orange Dark Nuka-Cola Quantum Soda Cosplay

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Just like all our Fallout props, you won't find these anywhere else. We 3D modeled our own bottles to be correctly sized and proportioned to in game. We photoshop all our own labels so you'll never get any low-quality, pixelated images from us. All distressing is done by hand for a more authentic look and feel. We also hand paint and distress our caps - no detail is left out! We airbrush the bottles with layers of colors to create the iridescent shades of colors, as true to the game as possible, then layer on the grunge to create the truest to life Fallout props possible! Since distressing is all done by hand, no two bottles will be identical, resulting in a unique Fallout prop every time.

This listing is for one, or all, Nuka flavors from Fallout 4 (and likely Fallout 76). Choose between Regular Nuka Cola, Nuka Orange, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Grape, Nuka Victory, Nuka Dark, Nuka Wild, or good old Nuka Cola Quantum at checkout; or for a better deal, all 9! Unlike our Fallout 3/New Vegas glass Nuka Colas, these bottles are plastic and will arrive empty, making them much lighter and cheaper to ship. For glass bottles and other Fallout props, visit our other listings in our Skim Props shop. These Fallout 4 style rocket bottles are sturdy and will not break (without intentional effort to do so). The labels are securely adhered, and several clear coats ensure that the color and distress on the bottles is permanent and will not fade or rub off. The cap is crimped to the top of the bottle, and held securely in place by a few dots of super glue to make certain it can withstand being handled repeatedly. If you have questions or want close up pictures of a specific bottle, just ask! Etsy will only let me upload a few pictures. 

We will not sell our labels or our 3D models, so please don't ask!
WE LOVE CUSTOM WORK! need anything made just for you, just ask! Shipping combines on all items from our shop 

WANT THE WHOLE COLLECTION? or maybe just a few select flavors? We offer discounts on bulk orders, and are happy to set up a package of just the flavors you're interested in! Message the shop and we'll set up your order! admin@skimprops.com