Fortnite GRAPPLING GUN! Plunger Gun 3D Printed Fort Nite Prop Fortnight Guns Plunja Cosplay Costume

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This listing is for one Fortnite Grappling Gun.. one of the newest and best additions to the game! Designed and printed by us.. you won’t be able to find this anywhere else!
This item features a 3D printed body built around a real (new) plunger. The reel mechanism is wrapped in cord to make this this grappling gun look as real as possible. Sorry, it doesn't fire plungers and can't assist you in doing any crazy trickshots.. it just looks cool! Great for fortnite themed parties and costumes!
This grappling gun is a prop and meant to be a costume accessory or collector's piece. Being excessively rough with it or dropping it from a great height may damage it. Not a child's toy; recommended for kids 10 or older. We scaled it to be full-sized to an in-game character, so it is fairly large and has a bit of weight to it; but is still light enough that it can be easily carried around while in costume.
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