Fallout Dogmeat Cosplay Bandanna! Red Nuka Cola Dog NukaCola Fall Out Pet Costume Scarf Nuka-Cola

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A little bit of flair for your dogmeat (or catmeat).. a Nuka-Cola bandanna scarf!

This can fit any neck up to 30" around! Modeled on my dogmeat, a 180lb English Mastiff, he's got about the biggest neck I've ever seen and it fits him. If you have a tiny toy dogmeat, you might have to roll this a few times before you tie it so it fits. If you have a teeny dogmeat, contact the shop and I can make you a custom, smaller one so it's not too bulky.

Made with a lightweight, 100% cotton bandanna, this is machine washable so it's suited for daily wear. A few trips to the dog park and it'll look nice and wasteland distressed! Just throw it in the washer and wash in cold to bring it back to that new, vibrant, red Nuka Cola color. 

Want a custom one? Maybe a blue Minute Men bandanna, a purple Quantum bandanna, or a black brotherhood of steel bandanna? Let's make something custom! Just message the shop and we'll make your wasteland companion something just for them!

Shipping combines on all items in our shop! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the wastes!