Fallout Chem Cosplay Prop or Display Piece. Fallout Fixer or Mentats in Metal Hinged Tin

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War. War never changes.

I have been working on making Fallout props for a long time, trying to get the formula just right to make these as accurate as possible, authentically grungy without being gross or unrecognizable, and durable enough to carry around in the wasteland (or a convention center).

This order is for one tin: one Fixer or one Mentats, you choose when you check out! I have another listing where you can purchase both together. I do not mass produce items as orders come in; each one is primed, adhered, painted, sealed, and distressed by hand, by me. A great deal of time and patience goes into each of my props - I take my Fallout fandom very seriously! I pretty heavily distressed these tins - if you'd like it to be a little grungier (or a little cleaner), that's no problem! Just message me and I'll create one just for you! I can send you a picture to make sure it is distressed to your liking prior to shipping - NO EXTRA CHARGE :)

These tins of Fixer and Mentats are made from custom ordered storage tins. They are new and have never stored anything, and they will arrive empty (put whatever you'd like in them!) The labels are adhered, sealed, and distressed it by hand. I did not distress the inside, in case you want to put anything in it. The paint and weathering will not chip, fade, or rub off. I can't guarantee it is waterproof, so leave it on the shoreline while recovering wreckage from irradiated lakes. I also can not recommend putting anything you intend to eat in the tin. Chemicals and paint were used on the tin, which is meant to be a display piece of cosplay accessory. If you choose to eat from it, do so at your own risk.

Any questions or requests for custom orders, just ask! Interested in other Fallout props or other Fallout items seen in the pictures? Message the shop! This listing is only for one Fixer or Mentats tin as pictured, as described. Shipping is calculated from previous sales of this item; all packages are sent first class or priority with tracking. International shipping may be available for this item, message the shop!
Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the wastes!