Fallout BOTTLE PACK cosplay wasteland props or display3Pack Fallout Chems Nuka-Cola Rad-X & Buffout

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A pack featuring all custom glass bottles of some of your favorite Fallout props and accessories!
**NEWS** We just redesigned all of our bottle labels to have SCAN-ABLE BARCODES. Just for fun, added authenticity! Scan them on any barcode scanner and it'll tell you which chem it is. Why?? BECAUSE WE CAN!!

one 300cc amber glass bottle Buffout with metal lid
one 200cc amber glass bottle Rad-X with plastic lid
one glass bottle Nuka Cola with soda and Nuka Cola cap

I do not mass produce items as orders come in; each one is primed, adhered, painted, sealed, and distressed by hand, by me. The items in the picture are the items you will receive. A great deal of time and patience goes into each of my props - I take my Fallout fandom very seriously! The props pictured have a medium to heavy amount of weathering - if you'd like it to be a little grungier (or a little cleaner), that's no problem! Just message me and I'll create one just for you! I can send you a picture to make sure it is distressed to your liking prior to shipping - NO EXTRA CHARGE :)

The Rad-X and Buffout were made from custom ordered, antique style, amber glass medicine bottles. The labels for both were created in Photoshop by members of our shop to accurately reflect Fallout stats while containing information required to be on a medicine bottle in real life, making it as authentic as possible. I did not distress the inside of the bottles, which will arrive empty, in case you want to put anything in them. The paint and weathering will not chip, fade, or rub off. I can't guarantee it is waterproof, so leave it on the shoreline while recovering wreckage from irradiated lakes. I also can not recommend putting anything you intend to eat in the bottles. Chemicals and paint were used on the bottles, which are meant to be a display piece or cosplay accessory. If you choose to eat from it, do so at your own risk. The Buffout is about 5.5" tall, and the Rad-X about 4.5" tall. The bottles were custom ordered to have the same proportions of the chems as seen in game.
The Nuka Cola is made from an 8oz glass bottle of Coca Cola that has never been opened. I removed the label, primed, adhered the new label, sealed, and distressed it by hand. The same process was employed on the cap. The paint and weathering will not chip, fade, or rub off, but may not be waterproof. While the soda has not been tampered with, chemicals and paint were used on the bottle, which is meant to be a display piece of cosplay accessory. If you choose to drink it, do so at your own risk.

Any questions or requests for custom orders, just ask! Interested in other Fallout props/quantities/bundles? Message the shop! More pictures or info on this listing, just ask! This listing is for 2 glass bottle Fallout chems and the Nuka Cola, as described. Shipping is calculated through USPS based on package size and weight; all packages are sent first class or priority with tracking. International shipping may be available for this item, message the shop!
Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the wastes!