Nuka Cola Caps! Hand Made Nuka-Cola Bottle Caps Fallout 4 NukaCola Fall Out 76 Nuka Bottlecap

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Skimprops made Nuka Cola caps! No stickers stuck on dirty old bottlecaps from us.. We print right onto the cap and use a brand new cap every time! All distressing is done by hand for a realistic wasteland look and feel! Don't head out with your buddies into the wasteland without proper currency!

Choose between pre-war or wasteland bottlecaps.. we can make them as shiny new or as wasteland distressed as you'd like! 
Choose your quantity from the menu at checkout, and type in the box how many of each color you'd like. If you don't specify, I'll send a mix of red and blue Nuka caps. Need a quantity not listed? Message us and we'll set it up for you!

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Have your own design you'd like on a cap? WE CAN PRINT ANY DESIGN ON A CAP! just ask! 

Want your bottlecap uncrimped, so you can put it on your own bottle? Just ask at checkout and we can send you uncrimped ones!

Shipping combines on all items from our shop. We love custom work, so let us help you with your next cosplay or help you finish your prop collection!
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