Fallout 4 X-111 Compound! Fall Out Chem 76 Cosplay Brotherhood Steel XLarge Bottle Buffout

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One of a kind Fallout 4 X-111 Compound prop! We photoshop all our own labels to be as accurate to the game as possible, so you won't find anything like it anywhere else! Features hand painted distress and damage, handwritten bits for a perfect replica, and top quality graphics. No pixelation, we make our labels from scratch; not extracted from the game and enlarged. This particular prop took a little extra to get the layers of labels and handwritten markings just right. The label is then adhered to a new medical grade glass bottle, size 500cc, and has a metal cap closure. All of our distressing is done by hand, not printed into the label, for a more authentic look and feel. Bottle is fairly large, about 6" tall, and will come with a water resistant coat to protect the label.. it is not waterproof! Do not submerge the bottle or you may risk damaging the paint on it.

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