Fallout 4 Jet Prop Chem Jet Buffout Mentats Nuka Cola Quantum Lone Wanderer Raider Cosplay

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After many requests, we have finally perfected out Fallout Jet! 

As with all our replicas, careful attention was paid to every detail. We used a real metal CO2 canister (can be emptied prior to building upon request). The mouthpiece is 3D printed to perfectly resemble the in-game model. All bits are hand painted and hand distressed. If you'd like it super grungy or new and clean, just ask! We can accommodate. If no preference is specifically noted, I'll paint it like the one pictured above. It is just over 4 inches top to bottom (pictured above with a ruler).

Any special projects, props, or costumes we can help you with? Just ask! We love custom work!

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