Fallout 4 Gwinnett Stout Wasteland Beverage! Fallout4 Nuka-Cola Glass Bottle Cosplay

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After an eternity of Photoshopping I present to you: Gwinnett Stout! This is our interpretation of the latest and greatest wasteland beverage, complete with Button Gwinnett's actual signature. Did you know he was an actual person? And that he signed the Declaration of Independence? Well.. that's where we got his signature.. so how's that for authenticity?? 

This was made from a 12 oz amber bottle with a new cap professionally crimped on the top, so you won't get any leaking in transit. The label was painstakingly created in Photoshop to accurately represent the in-game label. All weathering is done by hand with paint and sealed with multiple clear coats. The bottle is filled with tap water. It's meant to be a prop.. please do not open it or drink the water. 

Any questions, feel free to message the shop. Shipping is calculated by weight and destination zip code. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the wastes!