Fallout 4 Bottle Caps Collection! Fall Out Nuka-Cola Cap Magnet NukaCola NukaCaps Nuka Quantum

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New Fallout 4 Bottle Caps! 

This listing is for a set of 13 bottle caps for each of the flavors of Nuka-Cola you can find in Fallout 4, plus some extra Fallout inspired caps! Each cap was photoshopped by members of skimprops.com, and the finish on each cap is hand-painted and distressed. Weathering is permanent and won't chip or fade. Each cap is painted front and back and sealed with 3 or more coats of matte clear finish. There is no visible or tactile edge, because we don't glue a label on.. we have equipment to print right on the cap! Our caps are top notch, just see our feedback!

At checkout, choose between the set of caps, or select if you'd like we to add magnet buttons to the back of each, so you can hang them on your fridge or tool chest :) Want your bottlecap uncrimped, so you can put it on your own bottle? Just ask at checkout and we can send you uncrimped ones!

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Need your own design printed on a bottlecap? WE TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS :D send us your ideas and we'll send them back on bottlecaps, t-shirts, stickers, or whatever else you need.
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