Fallout 3 inspired Frag Grenade. Wasteland Cosplay Prop or Accessory Handpainted

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Made from a sturdy, new toy grenade that I hand painted to resemble the frag grenades from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Perfect to hang on your belt for cosplay, or to set on your shelf of video game memorabilia. It would also work for any other cosplay that requires a grenade, it's definitely not a design exclusive to Fallout. If you'd like one without the yellow stripe (or with a custom paint job), I love custom work! Just specify what you'd like in the box when you check out.

These grenades are 4" tall and about 7" in circumference.. they fit comfortably in an adult hand and are a realistic size/proportion. I primed then painted over them with several coats of metallic spray paint. I then removed the pin and taped off the bottom to spray paint the bronze metallic. The yellow, black, and all weathering/distressing was done by hand using mostly acrylic paints. The are then sealed with several coats of clear, making them very water resistant. Do not intentionally soak or submerge, but the paint will not rub, fade, or chip, even if the grenade become a little wet.

The pin can be removed. Use great care if you choose to do this. It's a very snug fit in the hole (I know, that's what she said) so that you can hang it by the ring. Repeated pulling the pin out and forcing it back it will likely result in bending, as the pin is only plastic. **update** I have purchased some metal pins to replace the plastic piece, so that the ring and pin can be more easily removed.

Any questions or want more pictures? Message the shop! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the wastes!