Fallout 2 pack Nuka-Cola Victory & Quartz! Wasteland Nuka Cola Flavors NukaCola Quantum Cosplay

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This listing is for 2 Fallout Nuka Cola varieties (Quartz and Victory) that are made from 8oz glass bottles of Coca Cola and filled with a non-consumable liquid. Technically, everything in it IS consumable.. but do you really want to drink the smorgasbord of Gatorade flavors I mixed to get the right color? Please don’t say yes..

I removed the original Coke label, primed, adhered the new label, sealed, and distressed it by hand. The Nuka is sealed with a brand new cap that we used professional equipment to crimp on. It will not leak! The paint and weathering will not chip, fade, or rub off. I can’t guarantee it is waterproof, so leave it on the shoreline while swimming in irradiated lakes. THE LIQUID INSIDE IS NOT TO BE CONSUMED. It’s just a prop. Scanable barcodes and nutritional facts on back label. Labels created in Photoshop by yours truly.

Any questions or requests for custom orders, just ask! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the wastes!
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