Baby Fallout Cosplay Onesie! Future Overseer Babies Romper 76 Vault Tec VaultTec Kids Clothes

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Fallout "Future Overseer" Onesie! 
NOTE: This is my original artwork and concept. I researched to make sure no one else had already made a similar item, hand drew the design, digitized it in Photoshop, and all onesies with this design are cut and printed by me personally. Please, PLEASE do not take my designs, attempt to sell them, similarly recreate them, take my pictures to another print site, or claim them as your own. Not only will this break my heart and hurt my feelings, but it will discourage me from creating and sharing all my other great design ideas. Ultimately, you'll lose out, so be nice ;) THANKS! Pictures are watermarked.. "skimprops" will not appear on the clothing.

This listing is for one Fallout Future Overseer onesie, shown above in blue with yellow print. The onesies I print on are 100% cotton, very thick and cozy, but still stretchable. The high quality vinyl I use will stretch with the fabric, and won't split, crack, peel, or fade, when cared for properly (care instructions below). We can print in any color vinyl and have several options for fabric color too, if you prefer something other than blue and yellow. No watermarks will be on the logo of the clothing; only the pictures are watermarked. Several sizes and options are listed at checkout, just message the shop if you need a different size or need measurements 

Want this design on something other than a onesie or t-shirt, such as a hoodie, hat, bib, mug, or dress? Message the shop, we can put this design on anything for you! Have your own design you'd like printed? We have a sublimation fabric printer, a heat press, and a vinyl cutter; we'll make anything for you! (unless it's some other starving artist's original work, we just went over this!) We'd love to make something custom for you!

CARE: Turn inside out. Machine wash on cold or warm (not hot). Tumble dry low heat or hang to dry.

Shipping combines on all items from our shop! Thanks for stopping by and follow the shop for more baby/kids cosplay inspired clothes!