Atom Cats Patches! Sew-on Fallout 4 Atom Cat Patch Embroidered Cloth Wasteland Patches Cosplay

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Embroidered Atom Cats patches! 

High quality, lightweight and thin, but very durable. NOW AVAILABLE IN FULL SIZE FOR THE BACK OF A COSPLAY JACKET! 
Choose between 4 inches tall (10 cm) or 10 inches tall (25 cm). The 4 inch size is ideal for a backpack or jacket sleeve, while the 10 inch size is ideal for a full jacket back. You can find the 10" version: HERE

These need to be stitched on, they are not iron-on (it is my understanding though that you can go to any craft store and purchase backing that you can iron onto the back of the patch, then iron onto your clothing.

Need custom work done, just ask! Discounts offered for bulk orders of patches! New designs on their way, stay tuned!

Shipping cost calculated by destination zip code. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the wastes!