3D Print Holotape Cartridge. Display Collectable Holo Tape Minigame Sole Survivor Cosplay Holodisk

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Fallout 4 Holotapes! 3D modeled and printed by us, and the minigame tapes are all photoshopped by us.. you won't find these anywhere else! We scaled the print to the appropriate size based on the Pipboy 3000. This is just a 3D print though and contains no electronic components. Both sides are pictured above, as well as a few different angles to help you see the item better. Choose between a regular holotape, your favorite minigame, or for the best deal, get the 7-pack! It comes with all 6 minigames and a regular, distressed holotape. 

Dimension are 3.5" x 2.5". The print was sanded, primed, handpainted, hand distressed, then sealed with 4 coats of matte clear spray paint, making the item waterproof and extremely resistant to damage. Paint will not chip or rub off. Want to paint it yourself? Select the raw print option! 

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