Fallout Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottle w/ Bottle Cap Fallout Costume Cosplay, NukaCola New Vegas

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This listing is for a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla, hand made with all new materials. We created our own labels in Photoshop to replicate the ones seen in New Vegas, then crimped a customized cap onto a new beer bottle. The bottle is filled with authentic Colorado tap water! (DO NOT DRINK! I add some antibacterial chemical to the water to prevent any mold from growing in the bottle over time) The bottle stands about 10 inches tall. All the weathering on the bottle is done by hand, not printed on by the printer, so it's more authentic looking/feeling. Detail can be seen in the fifth picture above.

I do not mass produce items as orders come in; each one is primed, adhered, painted, sealed, and distressed by hand, by me. A great deal of time and patience goes into each Sunset Sarsaparilla - I take my Fallout fandom very seriously! This Sunset has a pretty standard amount of distress and weathering - if you'd like it to be a little grungier or cleaner, that's no problem! Just mention it at checkout! I will send you a picture to make sure it is distressed to your liking prior to shipping if you'd like - NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CUSTOMIZATION :)

Any questions or requests for custom orders, just ask! Interested in other Fallout props or other Fallout items seen in the pictures? Message the shop! This listing is only for the Sunset Sarsaparilla pictured, as described. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the wastes!
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