Skyrim Skeleton Key Elder Scrolls Thieves' Guild Dragonborn Cosplay Dovahkiin Skyrim Costume

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Skyrim inspired Skeleton Key prop! Special attention is given to every detail in all of our Skyrim props to ensure that they are as realistic and true to the game as possible. This key is about 8.5" tall. Choose from 2 options at checkout:

Finished Key: With this option you will receive the Skeleton Key prop you see in the pictures above: painted, weighted, and distressed to perfection! I hand paint each prop, so the distress will vary on each finished prop, resulting in a uniquely authentic Skyrim prop. I use metallics for a true-to-game look, I weight it for a real life feel, and finish it with several clear coats to make it durable and water resistant. Want it more or less distressed than the picture? I'm always happy to customize; just mention at checkout if you have any specifications.

DIY Kit: This option includes the 3D printed key, which will come in 3 easy to assemble pieces. They slip together and can be permanently joined with a few dots of superglue. It's printed in PLA so it can easily be sanded and painted with spray paint or acrylic paints (or any other paint intended for plastic. Build it, paint it, and distress it yourself!) Need tips on painting and distressing? Check out my twitch channel and ask me anything! 

Choose between DIY kit or a finished key at checkout and add this awesome piece of the thieves' guild trinket to your prop collection! Looking for a prop you don't see in our shop? Message us, we love custom work!
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