Fallout 4 Med-X Syringe

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Product Description

I can’t stress enough that this Med-X is intended to be a display piece or collectable ONLY.. IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED CONVENTION SAFE. Please be responsible: this item is not a toy! It is made from a brand new 25 gauge medical syringe. The tip is blunt; it is a catheter type needle, not one intended to deliver a shot, but it certainly could break the skin and do some harm if you try. So please, if you are an idiot, please let me know and I’ll send it without the tip. 😉 I love making Fallout props and would prefer to not be accused of creating something that was used to hurt anyone. THESKIM.NET AND ITS AFFILIATES AND EMPLOYEES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OF THIS ITEM. BY PURCHASING THIS ITEM, YOU AGREE TO NOT HOLD THESKIM.NET RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY RESULTING FROM YOUR PURCHASE OF THIS ITEM. Also, please do not purchase if you are a minor.

Anyway, allow me to present Fallout 4 Med-X, created using a brand new medical grade needle. The plunger can be slid back and forth, but not fully removed. It’s distressed and sealed, but not waterproof. It is meant to be a display piece, not a costume accessory. Nothing should ever be placed inside the syringe. Please never remove the cap, exposing the sharp. Please do not kill anyone with Fallout props. Please?

Add to your collection of Fallout Chems! …Med-X

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 4 x 4 in


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