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Cross Country Move Update

Hello! Proud to announce we are nearly closed on a fantastic house in Colorado Springs! In the meantime, our stuff is still in Pittsburgh and we’re staying in a hotel in Colorado.. so I am not able to fill orders on custom Fallout props for the next few weeks. Once in our house.. I’ll have […]

The Best Fallout Tattoos

Personally, I love tattoos, and I have a small collection on my own skin. Just because you have tattoos doesn’t mean they’re good tattoos; many people somehow don’t understand that. They judge a tattoo based on whether or not they like the concept or content, rather than the quality of the art itself. I’m much […]

Fallout Cosplay References Sources

I have been working on several different Fallout Cosplays, concurrently, for the past year. In that time, I have had to seek out source material, references, and ideas from fellow cosplayers who have tackled similar projects. I am a firm believer in learning from the mistakes of others prior to attempting something new, so I […]

Fallout Cosplay Props for sale!!

It’s been a minute since I updated anything on here, but that’s because since Bethesda’s E3 announcement of Fallout 4, I have been geeking out making Fallout cosplay props/collectible display pieces. The response to my Fallout items has been overwhelming.. they are selling off the Etsy shop as fast as I can make them, and […]


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