Cross Country Move Update

Hello! Proud to announce we are nearly closed on a fantastic house in Colorado Springs! In the meantime, our stuff is still in Pittsburgh and we’re staying in a hotel in Colorado.. so I am not able to fill orders on custom Fallout props for the next few weeks. Once in our house.. I’ll have an awesome workshop (FINALLY)! So stay tuned for new props, cosplays, and many more awesome things to come once I finally have the space to make them happen! No more power tools in the apartment living room.. I’ll have a 2 car garage for my tools and chemicals, and a full, unfinished basement for my sewing workshop. I also plan to get back to streaming and tutorials! I have had many requests for a Nuka Cap tutorial, and I’m happy to make one! It will be made as soon as I’m in my workshop!

Due to the move, we missed all of our cons this year. Sorry to everyone who hoped to see us at Steel City Con, and I’m sorry if we’ve been elusive and unresponsive to messages over the past couple months. We can promise though that good things are coming. Stay tuned! Once we close and go back and pack up and move.. we’ll be back at work! Thanks for your patience and I’m sincerely sorry to everyone whose orders could not be filled. I’m very excited to get back to work and creating! Keep your custom orders coming.. I’ll be back soon!

Thanks, friends!



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  1. Cpt. JoshSeptember 6, 2016 at 1:28 am #

    Glad to hear it, Erin. Congrats on moving up in the world (and closer to the NCR, though I reckon you’re in Legion territory!)

    Cannot wait for you to settle in, so I can start putting in new orders.

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