The Best Fallout Tattoos

Personally, I love tattoos, and I have a small collection on my own skin. Just because you have tattoos doesn’t mean they’re good tattoos; many people somehow don’t understand that. They judge a tattoo based on whether or not they like the concept or content, rather than the quality of the art itself. I’m much more of a quality critiquer – you could have a super well done One Direction tattoo and I can say it looks good without giving a poo about One Direction.. or you could have a totally junk Fallout tattoo and I’ll die a little inside.

That being said, you probably take me for a tattoo snob now, which I guess I can agree with you on. With any tattoo though, what matters is that its owner likes it, not me. Here are some of my favorite Fallout tattoos, again, based on quality rather than whether or not I agree with the stylization. I personally don’t have a Fallout tattoo yet, mainly because I just can’t narrow down exactly what I want yet. But here’s a collection of my favorites from my own research!

fallout tattoo

My personal favorite was Fallout 3; I enjoyed New Vegas for many reasons but I am a much bigger fan of Fallouts 3 and 4. That being said, this is a killer NCR Ranger tattoo. The hilites and proportions and coloring are all very well done. As someone who can’t even draw stick figures well, I can always appreciate when someone makes 2 dimensional art that appears 3D.

fallout tattoo

Speaking of 3D Fallout tattoos, I love this Brotherhood of Steel tattoo. The shadowing looks great. Personally, I’m one for bright colorful tattoos, but this one is extremely well done, so props to the artist.

fallout tattoo

As for brightly colored tattoos, I love this one! It’s a great creative interpretation.

fallout tattoo

A little more generic and less creative of a Fallout tattoo, but well done! I love the coloring and shading on the mushroom cloud. Besides, if you want something immediately recognizable, there’s nothing wrong with not taking an artistic interpretation of your tattoo’s content.

fallout tattoo

Fallout bobblehead tattoo! 😀 Again, I love the shading and line work, it looks great. The lettering is a little wonky at the bottom, but it still looks great. I would’ve gone for the explosives or luck bobblehead.. but those are two things I heavily rely on out in the wasteland..

worst fallout tattoo

Here’s my favorite. AHHH I told myself I would be nice. I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything nasty but I couldn’t resist. Do your homework when getting a tattoo, kids. If you don’t have a regular artist you go to, then do your research. NEVER go to the lowest bidder.. it’s a pain to get a bad tattoo covered or removed.. just do it right the first time. If someone will do your tattoo for $400, and someone else will do it for $40.. go to the guy for $400. There’s a reason he/she can charge 10x more than their competition and stay in business. If you want something on your for life, don’t skimp out. Don’t get tattooed in someone’s garage or basement.. just.. don’t. Be safe and be smart or you’ll probably regret it. Anyway, let’s end on a positive note..

fallout tattoo

Ah, this is better.. an artist that can draw a circle. Dammit, I’m being a bitch again. I love this one though. It’s simple and recognizable.. done well. I love the vault door effect on this.

So, one of these days I’ll get a Fallout tattoo and share it with you (and you can all critique it). I just haven’t figured out what I want and where I want it. Share your ideas with me!!

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