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I have been working on several different Fallout Cosplays, concurrently, for the past year. In that time, I have had to seek out source material, references, and ideas from fellow cosplayers who have tackled similar projects. I am a firm believer in learning from the mistakes of others prior to attempting something new, so I have spent many hours searching forums and groups for tips and inspiration that would help me on my Fallout cosplays. I wanted to share a few places I found especially helpful; places I would recommend starting for the best information up front. Many of these references will allow you to interact with and ask questions of other Fallout cosplayers, as well as permit you to share photos of your work in progress and showcase your finished costume. Hope these linked resources help! Feel free to share additional helpful links in the comments.

  1. Facebook Groups
    Connect with your fellow Fallout Cosplayers

    Connect with your fellow Fallout Cosplayers.

Facebook groups are an excellent place to connect with other Fallout cosplayers because people are very willing to answer any questions you have. You can get ideas of how to build things by looking at other cosplayer’s work in progress pictures, and people are willing to share and like, therefore promoting, your cosplay pictures. I have found the majority of these groups to be friendly and welcoming. While there are many great ones, my personal favorites are:
The Replica Prop Forum. This group includes a lot more than just Fallout cosplayers, but the community here is great. It’s a large group with very active members, so you’ll get quick (and good) responses. I haven’t seen any trouble here with negativity or unrelated stuff, so the admins must stay on top of it.
Fallout Cosplayers. This page is dedicated to just cosplayers working on Fallout. I find this to be a wonderful resource due to the file sharing that occurs. This group has Pepakura pre-scaled and free to download. They also have mesh files and other elements that cosplayers have extracted from the game; just join the group and download any files you need to help complete your cosplay. This group is very friendly and supportive.

  1. Papercraft/Pepakura Resources
    Find Patterns and Templates for Hard-to-Design Pieces.

    Find Patterns and Templates for Hard-to-Design Pieces.

Cosplay building doesn’t get much more tedious than Pepakura, but it results in fantastically accurate cosplay elements. It can be risky to just Google search for the Pepakura you’re looking for, and will probably end up downloading a zip file from someone’s DeviantArt page, and your computer may warn you not to open it. I have had good luck with Paper Craft Square. I’m not sure how closely monitored the content is, always use precautions when downloading files from the internet, but the few files I have used from this site were safe and well made. It’s a good place to find pre-made templates for Fallout cosplay elements. It’s also not terribly difficult to design your own Pepakura templates; we could create a tutorial on this if anyone would find it helpful.

  1. Wasteland Inspiration
    Nuclear Snail Studios is my Personal Favorite Wasteland Fashion Designer.

    Nuclear Snail Studios is my Personal Favorite Wasteland Fashion Designer.

Say you want to cosplay just a general Fallout-y NPC or wastelander, rather than building a suit of power armor or a vault suit. There are some great cosplayers out there who nail post-apocalyptic fashion, without the Fallout brand. My personal favorite is Nuclear Snail Studios. This guy makes some truly awesome wasteland gear and blogs the details on a lot of his pieces. He also talks about inspiration for them, and how to make and authentically weather them.
Another great place to check for inspiration is Wasteland Weekend. This place has been on my bucket list for years. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a retreat in California’s Death Valley where you can go and live in the post-apocalypse for a weekend. It looks pretty hard core.. but one of these years I’m going to make it out there! They have a dress code and a costume contest, so check out their website and social media pages for ideas of how to create your own wasteland get-up out of stuff you might already have in your closet.

    A Wasteland Weekend Costume Contest.

    A Wasteland Weekend Costume Contest.

This is a very small showcase of some of my favorite places to go for inspiration when I’m working on Fallout and wasteland-y projects. There are many great resources out there and lots of very talented cosplayers that are willing to share their tips and suggestions. Feel free to ask us as well; we’re happy to help! Good luck on your Fallout cosplays!

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